Glass fencing Sydney – Important Info

There are two types of glass fencing products that are used for pool safety fences: frameless and semi-frameless. Most people when shopping for prices enquire about both, but there are certain circumstances when one or the other can not be installed.

Semi-frameless glass pool fencing is installed with the help of alloy or stainless steel posts. These posts are concreted in the ground or attached to decking or concrete with a base plate. The posts have grooves from both sides into which the glass is slotted and then secured with rubber glazing or glass silicone. Semi-frameless glass fencing can basically be installed anywhere and it is the most popular type of fencing especially around swimming pool areas.Get additional information at glass fencing Sydney.

Frameless, which is also known as “fully-frameless” does not have these fence posts between glass panels. Instead the glass is fixed to the ground with the help of allow or stainless steel spigots. These spigots are concreted or bolted to the ground, holding the glass from the bottom. Because there is a lot less support for the glass, a thicker glass is used. In addition, a proper fence footing is required for this type of fencing. In other words, there needs to be a footing or a foundation under the full length of the fence.

Both type of fencing glass is secure around the house, because it is manufactured in accordance with the Australian safety standards. All 8mm, 10mm or 12mm glass is, what is called, “toughened safety glass”. If it does break, it will fall into a heap of small pieces, thus minimising the possibility of injury.