Software UX design company- The Basics

With all of the emphasis on SEO it is easy for novice webmasters to forget about the most important aspect of their site-the user experience. After all, it doesn’t matter if you’re number one in Google if your visitors find no value on your site. SEO merely gets people to come in, your “hospitality” will determine how long they stay, and if they ever come back.

The good news about creating a positive user experience is that-unlike SEO, you don’t really need the advice of outside experts. You know what types of sites draw you in and make you want to add them to your favorites. You also know what type of sites have you quickly pressing the back button. I don’t have to explain to you why you would want to make your site the former. Just in case you are still wondering what really makes a good site stand out from the rest, I’m going to discuss a few of the site features I find most beneficial to get visitors interested and keep them engaged. Checkout software ux design company.

Attractive Design
Before a visitor reads the first word on your site they are taking in the overall design of the site to see if it grabs their interest. Does it have visual impact? Is it unique? If the site were a room would you want to hang out in it? These are all important questions to ask about your site, and it is a good idea to have other visit and give you their honest opinions.

A Point of View
You want your visitors to be clear about what your site is trying to say within 10 seconds. If your site is about the artwork created during WWII, make sure that is made abundantly clear on your homepage. If your visitors are not sure what your site is even about why would they feel inclined to stay and explore?

Images and video help provide depth and make your content stand out. They also give the reader some options. Since you have such a short time to impress your visitors creating immediate visual interest and giving visitors some navigation choices is recommended.

Recent Posts
I like to include a recent posts widget on all of my sites and include links to my last 10 posts. Your visitor may have reached your site through a link to a specific post, and it is your job to present other interesting options to keep him or her on your site. Be sure to use creative and interesting titles for your posts, as this will increase your chances of getting extra clicks from your visitors.

If your site covers a broad niche, and contains content that falls under a few different categories, be sure to include category links in your navigation menu. This quickly tells visitors what they will find on your site, and allows them to navigate to a category that interests them with a single click. The most important question to regularly ask yourself is “If I stumbled upon my site, would I find it interesting?” Make sure the answer is always a resounding yes!